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Aventura Aircraft

Aventura Aircraft is an amphibions ultralight airplane. It's offered in four modifications:

  • Aventura Sport which is a 2 seat aircraft and costs $33,400. Its empty weight is 650 lbs and the cruise speed is 70 mph.
  • Aventura II costs $44,900 and has a cruise speed of 85 mph. The aircraft empty weight is 800 lbs.
  • Aventura XLR has the same speed/weight characteristics. It's sold in severa lsub-modifications.
  • Aventura HP is lighter and slower - 650 lbs weight and 70 mph cruise speed (just like Aventura Sport).

Aventura aircraft is built by Aero Adventure Aviation, based in Florida, USA. All their models can be purchased directly from the official site.

Lockwood Aircam

Lockwood Aircam is unique and modern amphibian aircraft produced by the company with the same name. Note that it's not a valid ultralight - it's much heavier as you'll see from the specs.

Here are the most important characteristics:

  • Cruise speed is 50 to 100 mph depending on the air.
  • Its empty weight is 1080 lbs normally and 1400 lbs with amphibious floats.
  • The price of an airframe kit is about $60,000.

You can find more information and pictures at the Lockwood Aircam website. The company is also producing Lockwood Drifter but there is no information about it at the website.

Tucano Ultralight

Tucano Ultralight

Tucano is another Italian ultralight aircraft. It's very popular in Italy, and not only, and is widely used among flight schools. Tucano is a two-seat aircraft with empty weight of 220kg. Its maximum speed is 140 km/h and the cruise speed is 100 km/h.

There are several other modifications of the Tucano:

  • TUCANO Delta3 VTW which is slightly faster with cruise speed of 120km/h.
  • TUCANO HV - amphibian ultralight
  • TUCANO Delta3 TW - a twin engine aircraft with cruise speed of 100 km/h
  • TUCANO V - advertised for its reliability and easiness
  • NEW TUCANO DELTA3 with open cockpit and costing only €13,000

For more information about this excellent aircraft visit the official site of Flylab.