Introduction to Ultralight Aviation

Jump on Safari or Tour With a Light Helicopter

Helicopters have many uses - some important and life-saving, some entirely for fun. Let's have some fun this time. What about going on a safari? It's a common thing to do and there is even a category of safari helicopters.

What Helicopters Are Used In Safaris

There is a Canadian company producing an aircrafy called Safari Helicopter. Have a look at their site. There are several kits available and they are definitely not ultralight - the empty weight is 1,000 lbs. They are two seaters with cruis speed of 85 mph. Ideal for safaris. The price is not that ideal thoug as the ready to fly version is $168,000.

Of course this is not the only helicopter good for safaris and this is definitely not an advertisement. Let's see a few other good ones. The helicopter tour companies usually offer safaris with 4 seat helicopters, sometimes bigger.

One of the popular choices is the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. This is a big helicopter that's out of the pocket range of the typical ultralight aviation fan.

Another good one for tours is the Robinson R44 Helicopter. This is a single-engine four-seater with design that allows excellent views. No suprise it's used for tours and safaris. It's also used for police helicopter in South Africa and Rwanda.

Are There Any Ultralights Used For Safaris?

By definition an ultralight helicopter has only 1 seat so obviously it can't be used to offer safari tours as service. This does not mean that you can't use your own ultralight helicopter to go on safari yourself. As long as the law in the country which you go to is OK with this, you can have a great safari with single-seat ultralight helicopter.

If you want to learn more about appropriate ultralight helicopters, check out this page.

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