Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

11 Great Gliders (Photo Gallery)

Gliders are airplanes without engine. How do they fly then? See this article for more information. Meanwhile, enjoy these 11 glider photos and learn more about the models from the gallery below.

You can click on each photo to see it larger.

1. Blanik Glider D-0003

Blanik Glider

Blanik is the most popular glider in the world with over 3,000 ones built. It's made in Czech Republic by Let Kunovice. It's a two-seater weigting 292 kg empty. Learn more about it here.

2. Schliker ASK-21 Glider

Schliker ASK-21 Glider

This German glider was introduced in 1979. It's a two-seater with 360 kg empty weight. Mostly designed for beginner training. More info here.

3. Schliker ASK 8


This is again a Schliker but another modification. It's a single-seat glider weighting only 191 kg.

4. Centrair Pegase B610

Centrair Pegase B610

This is a French glider. You could guess it from the elegant design! I can't find information about this specific B610 version, but in general Centrair Pegase weights 251 kg and has one seat.

5. Military Glider

Military Glider

This obviously is a military glider used by the US army. I don't know the model so any help is appreciated.

6. Schweizer SGS 2-32

Schweizer SGS 2-32

This is American two-seater from 1960-s. It weights 318 kg. For full info check the Wikipedia page.

7. Blanik D-7341

Blanik D-7341

Yet another Blanik, a modification of the most popular glider.

8. Grob G103a Twin

Grob G103a Twin

Here's another great German glider. It has two seats, modern fibreglass construction and maximum speed of 250 km/h. It's a good idea to check the official site of Grob Aircraft for more models.

9. Hang Glider

Hang Glider

Let's not forget gliders can be like this as well. Hang gliders don't need to be pulled by an airplane or a tower and are very affordable. If you are interested in hang gliding, your first stop should be this community.

10. Kirby Cadet Glider

Kirby Glider

I'm not really sure about this model's name but it looks cool.

11. Royal Air Force Glider

Royal Air Force Glider

Here's another great one whose name isn't clear.

Glider Pilot

And here's a glider pilot that somehow caught my attention :)

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User comments:

Ed Yung at Aug, 24 '13 06:23
# 5 looks like an LK (Laister Kaufman) WWII training glider. Lighter & nicer than the Schweizer TG-3A that my wife & I trained in (1959) for our glider license. W lived in Alamogordo N MIX (truly God's country; my favorite of 31 countries we've visited) I later bought an LK (needing complete rebuild) with the intention of adding an aux engine, but local FAA shot me down so I sold it to someone in Roswell N Mex who planned to rebuild it to fly. We soon after bought a NEW Cessna 172 (July '64) which we recently sold after 41 years of flying all over 2 counties & into 2 others. Added extensive IFR & other instruments & avionics, & aux tank. Most of our flying was actually for buying American Indian jewelry for my wife's WORLD Famous Indian jewelry - art gallery shop in La Porte TX. In 1969 & '70 our oldest 2 sons learned to fly gliders in an LK, & soloed the Schweizer 126 in Friendswood TX
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Bob at Aug, 25 '13 21:08
Thanks fior the feedback, Ed!
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Ravee at Oct, 19 '14 23:30
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