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Brock KB-3

Brock KB-3 is ultralight single-seat autogyro created and built in the USA by Ken Brock (the creator of KB-2). It's sold as kit and classified as experimental homebuilt aircraft.

The most important characteristics:

  • Cruise speed of 64 mph / 103 km/h
  • Its empty weight is 250 lbs / 113 kg which qualifies it for Part 103
  • The maximum speed is a bit low - 63 mph / 101 km/h
  • It's fuel capacity is 5 gallons

Unfortunately, accordingly to this news, Ken Brock Manufacturing is closed. So your best bet to own KB-3 is to buy it used from the aircraft classifieds sites. Unless of course you want to build your own using consturction plans.

Celier Xenon 2

Here is one Polish gyrocopter! It's offered either as homebuilt/experimental kit or as complete aircraft.

The official site of Celier Aviation isn't very informative so if you want to learn more about this great gyro, here are few resources:

For more general info on gyrocopters check our page.

Rotary Air Force RAF 2000

Rotary Air Force RAF 2000 is an autogyro first produced in Canada, then in 2007 sold to Mocke Family in South Africa. It's sold in kit form and building the kit and flying the autogyro requires mandatory flight training.

General characteristics:

  • It's a two-seater so obviously does not classify as ultralight.
  • Its empty weight is 790 lbs.
  • Its cruise speed is 80 mph and maximum speed is 120 mph

The official site of RAF is excellent source of more detailed information. The current price of the RAF 2000 standard kit is approximately $45,000 (ZAR 600,000).

The Gyrobee

The Gyrobee is experimental kit gyroplane offered by Star Bee Gyros.

There are several kit types that are offered: Total BEE Kit (00TB), BEE Deal (00BD), and StarBee Light Kit (00SBL). The last one lets you stay under Part 103 which means no licensing is required. There are also various frames and parts offered by the company.

Another page with excellent information and links about the Gyrobee is available here.