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Aviad MG-12 Zigolo

Aviad MG-12 Zigolo is a typical ultralight airplanes - with that real ultralight design we like so much. Officialy it's marketed as SSDR motor glider. Zigolo is built in Italy.

General characteristics:

  • Offered as quick-build kit for roughly $12,000 or $20,000 if with electric engines.
  • Its empty weight is 102 kg / 225 lbs
  • The cruise speed is 68 km/h / 42 mph
  • Its maximum speed is 95 km/h / 58 mph
  • Its fuel consumption is 6 ltr / 1.6 gallons per hour

This is a very economical and contemporary motor glider. More information at the official site.

Taurus Electro

Taurus Electro is a 3-axis ultralight electric aircraft by Pipistel Aircraft. It has 2 seats, 15m wing span, and weights 306kg with batteries.

Moreover, Pipistel have developed a Solar Trailer that can charge your airplane from the sun for 5 hours. For more information about this amazing product just check their site.

Full technical specifications are available here.

Unfortunately the price of €90,000 makes it a bit expensive for the regular aviation fan.