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American Aerolights Eagle

American Aerolights Eagle is a kit airplane for amateur / homebuilt construction. It's a single-seat aircraft.

  • With standard empty weight of only 170 lb (77 kg) - 225 lb (102 kg) it satisfies the Part 103 requirements
  • Its maximum speed is only 50 mph and its cruise speed is 35 mph.
  • It's a fixed with aircraft.

A two-seat variation is also available - it's called American Aerolights Double Eagle

This aircraft is produced by American Aerolights - a company that doesn't have a website, or at least I didn't find one. The best place to learn more about this airplane is probably this site.

Gee Bee

The Gee Bee is best known for its Model R and Model Z variations. One of the most loved racing aircraft of all the time. Replicas of this airplane have been made in the recent years. Model R is probably the more popular one. Most important characteristics:

  • Empty weight of 1840 lbs (834 kg) for Model R. Not, it's definitely not an ultralight!
  • Single-seat racing aircraft.
  • Cruise speed of 260 mph (418.4 km/h) for Model R.

One of the sites that had most information about all Gee Bee models is unfortunately too old and most content is lost due to Geocities shut-down. You can have a look at the homepage here. Now the most valuable resource about Gee Bee remains Wikipedia.

Howland H-3 Pegasus

Howland H-3 Pegasus is an open-cockpit monoplane. It's currently offered as kits and plans for homebuilt enthusiasts (cost of plans is about $250).

  • H-3 Pegasus has weight of 345 lbs which makes it not qualify for Part 103.
  • There are modifications with Rotax 277 engine which make it possible to fit the Part 103 maximum weight
  • This is a single seat fixed wing airplane.
  • Its cruise speed is 55 mph.

If you are looking to fly a legally ultralight airplane by the US standards H-3 Pegasus might not be the best choice. Home builders report it being hard to fit in the 254 lb limit.

Learn more about H-3 Pegasus on this site and on Wikipedia.