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Blog Review: Around the Pattern

Here's another good and frequently updated aviation blog - Around The Pattern. The blog is managed by a retired military pilot who also owns a personal light sport aircraft.

The blog offers interesting aviation news, reviews of seminars and aviation museums, military flying stories.

As a reader of I believe you can be most interested in the posts about Sport Flying and Aircraft Maintenance.

The author is also a Twitter user, so if you are part of the new hot thing, you can follow him.

It looks like a Wordpress based blog so you can also follow the posts by RSS.

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Retro and Mechanical Toys, Aircraft Toys

Many of us like not only real aircraft but also aircraft toys, so I thought it might be a good idea to present you this new website.

Retro and Mechanical Toys is a website for good old toys, not just aircraft. The site contains easy to understand technical information about various kinds of mechanisms and toys, toy reviews and will soon offer good old fashioned toys for sale.

The site has the information organized in several sections - mechanical toys, wind ups, cam toys, crank toys, tin toys, spring toys and making toys yourself.

I know this site isn't exactly aviation related, but it's so nice so I am sure those who love old fashioned toys like I do will love it.

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Blog Review: The Wings Stayed On!

Here is another interesting aviation related blog - The Wings Stayed On!. It is managed by a thirty years aviation veteran which certainly makes it ineteresting for newbies like me.

The blog is almost 3 years old - started in November 2006 and already has more than 200 posts. There are quite interesting things, not just personal diary, but a lot of videos, reports and more.

I liked especially the series of more than 30 posts called "A day in the life" explaining what exactly the pilot does during his flights. The first post of the series is here.

Make sure also to read the "What's this about" section under the links at left, as it will explain you better what this great blog has to offer you.

And don't forget that if you have an aviation related blog, I'd love to review it!

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Safe Skydiving: Safety and Risks in Skydiving Revealed

Many people who read this site are interested not only in ultralight airplanes but also in other aviation activities.

If you are one of them, you will be pleased to know that we created a new website about Safe Skydiving. Visit the site and please send us your feedback! Hope you'll like it.

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Blog Review: AirPigs Love To Fly

Here is a very cool and busy blog and podcast site about aviation. The AirPigs publishes a new story each 2-3 days and sometimes has more than one story per day.

The podcasts contain interviews with pilots, designers, aircraft engineers and I guess any other folks who are related to aviation.

The fans of model airplanes will find paper airplane instructions with pictures and videos.

Unfortunately they don't write about ultralight aircraft often, but you know anyway that here is the place for such information.

The AirPigs is a lovely blog and worths a visit!

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We are trying to popularize the ultralight aviation to as many people as possible. So a logical next step was to bring the site to the attention to people who don't speak English.

The first non-English version of the site is now available - Aeroplanos Ultraligeros!

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The Adventures of Chopper Chick! (Blog Review)

I want to quickly introduce you a nice aviation related blog and thus start a new category here - quick blog reviews. I hope they'll help you find more interesting and useful sites about ultralight and recreational aviation.

The Adventures of Chopper Chick! is the blog of Desiree Horton - a helicopter pilot from Los Angeles. Yes, she's a girl, she's cute and she's posting lovely pictures from her chopper!

Desiree's blog is frequently updated and full with personal experiences, pictures and comments that will be interested for everyone who loves helicopters.

She has also collected and sorted lots of useful links about aviation, so make sure to check them out.

And if you are really interested in helicopters, don't forget to learn more about the homebuilt helicopters as well!

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Buy or Sell Used Ultralight Aircraft

Are you interested in buying used ultralight aircraft? Are you looking to sell yours? There are several sites online where you can do that, but unfortunately many of them seems quite out of date or not user friendly.

Since here at we were able to built a real community I thought our readers might be interested in trading used ultralights.

In case you would be willing to see a good user friendly trade section here, please mail me at or comment to this article. We need your feedback to improve this site even further.

Meanwhile you can learn more about used ultralight aircraft before buying or selling.

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Light Sport Aircraft Articles

Due to the huge interest in information about light sport aircraft we have researched and published three new articles that will help you understand the matter much better.
Have a look at them and make sure to link to the light sport aircraft resource page if you have a website or blog:

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One Of The Best Homebuilt Helicopters

I want to share another great video with you - it shows one of the best model homebuilt helicopter ever made - the Rotorway Exec homebuilt helicopter.

Unfortunately the comments under the video say it has become much more expensive now.

I researched a little bit and found a lot more information about this excellent aircraft here.

If you don't have the time to read that much, at least enjoy the video:

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