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The Worlds Largest Paraglider

I found this when browsing Youtube. The movie is one year old, but it's still amazing. Can you imagine, this paraglider is only 2.8 kilos weight! You can put it in a small backpack and get it anywhere you want.

The video says it's durable enough to be used in the mountains. The video is advertised by but unfortunately I could not find information about the price even there.

Anyway, maybe you should just watch the video:

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How To Land An Ultralight Helicopter On Autorotiation?

Sometimes the ultralight helicopters are cooler than their "big brothers". Do you want to know why? They can land by autorotation. At least I have seen this done with the famous Mosquito XE. And since one picture is better than thousand words (and one video is better than thousand pictures), see this yourself:

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The Oil Prices And Your Flying

It's not enough that the license and hangaring fees are raising all the time. Now to oil hit $135 per barrel which makes 40% increase in the last few months.

How will this influent your flying? Are you going to fly the same hours as before or are you going to fly less? Or, maybe you would give up entirely?

There is one hope for the flight enthusiasts - electric powered ultralights may start appearing on the market. See this video:

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Aviation Modeling Website

Sometimes getting proper pilot education or buying your first ultralight airplane is taking more time and money than expected. Many aviation fans have some fun and further education about aircrafts by collecting and even building model airplanes.

Last year we bought a cheap RC helicopter and really enjoyed learning to fly. As I don't know if and when we will have a real helicopter, this RC model allowed us to experience part of the fun and excitement which the real aircrafts give without needing much of our money or time.

Since then we got seriously interested in model aviation - and here are we an year later with a new site about model aviation - Have a look at it and if you find it interesting, make sure to subscribe to it as well and to send it to your friends.

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Will The AirCar Finally Happen?

In the last few years there were several times I heard about flying cars which will solve the traffic problems once and for all. Still none of the cars is put into mass production.

Now Milner Motors seem to be onto something with their AirCar.

The price will be quite high, but it seems that this vehicle will be really practical.

If you had the money, would you change your ultralight airplane for this air car?

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A Cool Two Seat Ultralight Amphibian From Sweden

The Swedish company Flygfabriken has just released a cool two seat amphibian ultralight airplane. It's called LN-3 Seagull and made its first flight in February this year in Southern Sweden.

Since then more than ten test flies have made and now the company is taking it back into the factory for some improvements. The airplane is intially expected to be offered as kit for basic price of Euro 39,000.

Later LN-3 Seagull will be sold also as ready airplane in Ultralight/Microlight and Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) categories.

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The Worlds First Two Seat Self Launching Glider

Taurus ELECTRO have created totally ecologic, noise and emissions free two seat ultralight glider.

Best of all, it's self launching and comes double retractable main landing gear and with retractable engine.

The glider is 320 kg weight and has a take off distance of 170 m / 560 ft.

I could not understand the price, but you can obtain it from local dealers.

You can find a lot more information with pictures here.

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Welcome to the aviation blog

There are various things we want to write about but not all of them fit well within the site structure. So I decided to start this blog where I will share various news, thoughts and comments on ultralight and general aviation.

If you are just arriving here and yet not reviewed the complete site, please go to to the home page to find all the information easy.

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