Introduction to Ultralight Aviation

Blog Review: The Wings Stayed On!

Here is another interesting aviation related blog - The Wings Stayed On!. It is managed by a thirty years aviation veteran which certainly makes it ineteresting for newbies like me.

The blog is almost 3 years old - started in November 2006 and already has more than 200 posts. There are quite interesting things, not just personal diary, but a lot of videos, reports and more.

I liked especially the series of more than 30 posts called "A day in the life" explaining what exactly the pilot does during his flights. The first post of the series is here.

Make sure also to read the "What's this about" section under the links at left, as it will explain you better what this great blog has to offer you.

And don't forget that if you have an aviation related blog, I'd love to review it!

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