Introduction to Ultralight Aviation

8 Lovely Powered Paraglider Images

Powered paragliders are some of the most affordable ultralight aircraft. Yes, they don't have all the controls an airplane has, but they are so easy to use and cheap to buy.

Here are eight lovely images of powered paragliders:

1. Blue Italian Sky

This one soars in the perfectly blue sky above Italy. Lovely!


2. Italy, Under The Sun

This one is made from the same photographer but you can see the hot Sun.


3. Close Look At The Paraglider Engine

An excellent photo showing the paraglider in details.

motorized paraglider

4. Amazing Landscape From California

California is not only beaches. See what this guy is flying above!

9_21_08 (1)

5. Above Tomato Fields, USA

You can see and learn so much about agriculture when flying a powered paraglider :-)


6. Look In The Mirror

Another lovely picture by Bruce!

1_14_09 (3)

Under The Moon

Flying a powered paragliding in the evening can be especially scenery.

Me flying a powered paraglider

8. Above The Dunes

And at the end enjoy this amazing picture from the dunes in Glaims, California

Glamis Dunes 5

You can see most of the photos even larger if you click on them. Then on Flickr click on "Actions" and "View all sizes".

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