Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

Building An Ultralight Helicopter - Preparation

This article is Part One of a series about Building an Ultralight Helicopter

People have always dreamed to fly. After the ultralight aircraft appeared many of the aviation enthusiasts have the possibility to experience regularly the enjoyment of flying on an ultralight helicopter. If you have felt the fun to fly on a helicopter and you would like to do it frequently, the ultralight version is the reasonable choice, which will not empty your wallet.

Photo by pmilg at flickr

What Is Ultralight Helicopter?

It is actually a skeleton of a traditional helicopter without the protection of the normal shell. It has two propellers: one on the top, which has a diameter from 3.5m to 7.5m, depending on the model, and one on the tail, with a diameter between 0.6m and 1.2m. The average weight of an empty ultralight heli is between 65 and 85 kg. The weight of the pilot can be up to 125 kg. However, you will hardly find two ultralight helicopters that are similar as a construction and main characteristics.

How To Get An ultralight Helicopter?

There are two main possibilities: to purchase a ready-made one or to build your own. Maybe you will be interested in the second option. There are quite a good number of models, which you can buy in a kit form. This means that you have to fit the pieces of your aircraft together before the first fly. However, it is necessary to know that besides the enthusiasm this is not a simple project.

Where To Start?

First answer the questions: What have you built till now? How big is your experience in reading construction plans and assembling pieces? What about the engines: do you have any idea about them?

If your experience is close to zero, the ultralight helicopter should probably be your second building project and you would start with something easier. But if you can rely on the help of someone experienced and your enthusiasm is so big

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User comments:

shane patrick condron at Apr, 19 '08 15:14
hi there,
thank you for sending me the info on ultralight helicopters. i am interested in building a musquito or something similar. i have engineering experience and my father has a fully kitted out engineering workshop. i live in ireland and i would appreciate any help or information in buying a kit. also i would like to hear from anyone in the uk or ireland who is undertaking such a project.
shane condron.
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tom sheehy at Jul, 20 '09 03:01
hi shane .saw your comment about building heli .i am intrested in building one would like to talk.
you can phone 087 2518664.
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Pop Emil at Aug, 15 '09 17:57
To Tom and Shane;

I have already started to build mine here in Italy, next to Venice.
Not far from you, just 2 hours and some 30 euro by Raynair... LOL...

Come to see me anytime, see some pictures on my plaxo group above link, but you need to become plaxo members first.

It took me 20 years of study to understrand what I am going to do, 2 years of drawing and calculations, 2 years of part time (weekend mostly) work, and I still have a lot to do before getting light on skids.

Looking for partners to help out, are you interested?

call me:
+39 3402468893

or skype me;


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Bob at Aug, 15 '09 20:08
Thanks Emil, very interesting to see yours. I may be coming to Venice soon anyway. I'd be interested to see pictures of your building process and even to publish them if you wish
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Pop Emil at Aug, 15 '09 21:42
Hi Bob, Anytime you come I'll be here for you.

For more pictures please click on my name on top of the coment, and subscribe at for free, than join me.

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John Maudsley at Aug, 06 '11 21:34
John Maudsley at Aug, 06 '11 21:32

Just wanted to post a few photo's of a raf which I am starting to restore after it has had a home in the grass for about 6 years. It was rolled over after a forced landing due to engine trouble which was self inflicted, due to operator error. As you can see in the pic's it is going to be a massive job to bring it back to it's former glory, and as I have very limited experience all the advice that can be given will be of massive help. The main structure appears to be fine but the undercarriage is all bent and will need to be re-manufactured. The pod has a number of cracks and a fair bit of fibreglassing will need to be done as well as fixing the seat tank. Any suggestion regarding where I can source parts and a new screen as the sun has deteriorated the perspex, would be appreciated. Unfortunately there is no paper work or doors for the gyro, so as I am a newbie to Subaru motors and to gyro's (trike pilot), I need some advice on the motor model (think EJ 25) and gearbox ( which was apparently only fitted the week before the accident) as well as any mod's which should be done along the way. Not sure but starting to think it may be a ej22 not 25 any help with this would be appreciated. Would also like some input on the type of steel and where to source from for the axle and the support brackets on the undercarriage as well as the front wheel as both are bent and will need replacing. Also if anyone could help with suggestion's for the fibreglassing and the doors this would be much appreciated.

Regards John
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