Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

How To Find Good Ultralight Flying Lessons For Helicopters And Airplanes

When it comes to the things that keep us from learning to fly you will see the ordinary suspects to show up. Not enough time, not enough money, inappropriate season, health issues... Most often the thing which really stops us is lack of information about what exactly to do.

To operate an ultralight aircraft in USA you need a license from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In other countries there are different regulations, but almost everywhere in the world you'll need a specific flying license. So here is the first answer you searched for.

So How To Obtain A Flying License

Depending on where you are localted and what kind of aircraft license you want to apply for, you will need to pass a medical examination with various strictness.

Once approved, you need to receive the required hours of flying instruction given by a Certificated Flight Instructor.

At the end, you'll have to pass written and practical exams.

While the medical and the pilot exams will be held at place that you won't choose yourself, the flying instruction is something that you can fully control.

Find A Good Aircraft School

Should you wonder if going to flight school is a good idea, you may want to read the article about ultralight aircraft schools. You'll also find information about the pricings and the flight school alternatives.

If you have decided to go ahead, you should have in mind that locating a good flight school can be a challenge, especially if you live in a less populated area.

When choosing a flight school, take these factors into consideration:

  • The price of the education (of course)

  • How long are the instructors in business

  • What airplanes are offered for the students

  • How many students are there

  • Are the flying hours flexible to suit your schedule

  • Does the school have website? If so, do a search for sites linking into it to read comments and feedback

  • Is there a good insurance coverage?

Get The Most Of Your Flying Lessons

Your flying education does not stop with choosing a flight school. The entire process of selection has one main purpose - to help you get the most for your money and time.

When doing your lessons, try to absorb everything that the instructor says. If needed, write down small notes to refresh you mind later.

A good flight education package will include a short discovery flight. You will be introduced to the feeling of flying an ultralight airplane - try to compare this to flying a big aircraft.

Make sure that you learn well the following topics:

  • Aircraft systems

  • Aerodynamics

  • Aircraft operations

  • Navigation

  • Regulations

  • Weather

When you finish the flying education and complete the exams, you must feel convenient in your flying skills. If you feel unsure, better attent additional hours with an instructor before going completely on your own. Your safety matters most.

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Lizo Nyanga at Jul, 07 '09 16:39
I will like to ask if can you help me to do my studies if I do not have money to study cos I am from a very poor family and I know that I can do it because it is my dream to become a pilot
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jon-jacq. at Oct, 25 '10 09:13
find a job, take up arms, or, combined, join the forces
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arsalan at Jan, 02 '11 05:20
i'am intrested in taking lesson for ultralite..

as am currently in Doha, qatar, can you recommend any good school around this region
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Good that your are making a planeGood that you have a wtsibee telling us about itGood that you show picturesIt would be good if the pictures had captions. Words with each picture.What is that thing in the picture ? You know. we don't till you tell us.With best wishesChris
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