Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

How To Obtain Ultralight Helicopter Kits And Plans

Are you passionate about flying an ultralight helicopter? Do you dream to have a small heli sitting in your courtyard, waiting for you to come and raise it in the sky?

As you can see in this article, there are many options to buy used or new ultralight helicopter. It's also quite possible that you would prefer to build it on your own, like the people who have homebuilt ultralight helicopters do. If you choose that route, you have a long and glory way to walk.

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Download Homebult Helicopter Construction Plan

I already wrote a little about this in "Homebuilt Ultralight Helicopters" page. I want to elaborate more on that here. The Web is full with construction plans sold for few bucks (usually $20 - $100) and the question is which to choose.

It's hard to do due diligence on the plans seller, because in rare cases you will have enough information about him or her. There are some main guidelines that you can follow in order to download a quality construction plan:

  • Pay attention to the seller's website. It's logical to conclude that a "good" website will offer good plans. What does good website mean? No, it does not need to have fancy design or even to look professional. Many of the people who sell plans are engineers who created the plans themselves and have also created their site on their own. They are not professional web designers. However a site which offers good plans will most probably be quite popular because many others would be linking to it. To measure that you can use two main criteria - Google PR (Check it here) and Alexa Ranking (check here). Make sure that the site which sells the plan has at least Google PR 3 (the higher, the better) and Alexa Ranking no more than 1,000,000 (the lower, the better)

  • Is the helicopter model discussed on the Web? This is probably the best Due Diligence you can perform. If you type the model of the helicopter whose plans you are about to buy in your favorite search engine, are you finding many results? Are there discussions about this model in forums and newsgroups? Spend some time reading them, you may learn a lot good or bad things

  • Who links to the seller site? Open Google and type This will give you sites which link to and you will see what comments have posted other people bought from them.

  • Look for money back guarantee. It's not always offered, but when it is, this is a very positive sign.

  • Get downloadable plans. Choose a site which offer PDF or other software format of the construction plan. Why pay posting expenses and wait weeks for the plans to come? Choose a seller who offers instant download so you can get the plans right now and save some money.

Free Ultralight Helicopter Construction Plans

Some visitors are coming to our site searching for free construction plans. I don't want to disappoint you, but you will find very few people to give their hard work for free. Usually you will find only sample plans like on Plans Delivery for example. Many of the links offering free plans, which can be found via the search engines no longer work. Others are just sites full of crappy affiliate links, offering nothing useful.

Since good plans can be found even for $50, I think you will lose more costy time if you try to find free helicopter plans on the Web. I already did it, trying to find good sites for you and for this article. It's simply better to purchase good plans and use them - finally your homebuilt helicopter will probably cost few thousand dollars. It makes no sense to lose days searching the Net for free plans with questionable quality, only to save 50 - 100 bucks or even $20 for OMH Eagle Plans (for example).

Buying Ultralight Helicopter Kits

Most of the advice given about ultralight aircraft kits is also valid about the helicopter kits. In addition you can perform the same due diligence procedures on the seller's site like you did for the plans.

But because, unlike the plans, the kits are offered by big companies rather than enthusiast engineers, searching for a good helicopter kit is much easier task. One place where you can find a lot of helicoper kits is Vortech Kits and Parts, but the best option is to search the Web for "the desired make of the aircraft" + kit.

In our blog, which will be created soon, I'll try to review some of the best ultralight helicopter kits which you could purchase.

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User comments:

Michael L Anderson at Apr, 11 '08 21:05
never order from Rowe aviation. I was ripped off and hung out to dry by them. When I went to call them, they have no listing. Customer support said, "its your problem." Never recieved anything from them but that email. Thay have my money tho..
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Michael L Anderson at Apr, 11 '08 21:16
Oh, I forgot, Rowe aviation promotes plans for the OMH Eagle. If anyone knows where I may post comments about this scam please let me know. I don't want anyone else getting ripped off by this exjunky scam artist.
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Bob at Apr, 17 '08 16:14
Hi Michael, I just wrote them. As my site is getting very popular, I hope this may force them to solve your issue. We'll see.
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micheal anderson at Apr, 22 '08 19:44
OK, after several days, I recieced a new link and made a successful download. Too bad I made a new order from a different company and had already recieved a set of plans. To My surprize, they where the same plans. ^The two sets of plans had the same information missing leaving alot of guess work with the plans I recieved. Rowe Aviation did provide the plans at a smaller price than the other company, lacking imformation, and only showing a drawing of the OHM Eagle, no real picture to show that this machine does work. I am wondering if this aircreaft design went past the planning stage. If any one has any information on this type of aircraft, please contact me.

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Lowell at May, 08 '08 05:36
where can i find plans on how to build a helicopter out of old cars because i have been looking and i just cant find any
Reply to this comment

Bob at May, 08 '08 09:49
Hi Lowell,

I can't answer right now, but that's a very interesting topic, so I'll try to do some research and get back to you
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steve at Mar, 08 '09 05:31
I have 35 years of model aircraft experience and 30 years of parachuting experience and tested a vtol model of a jet powered vetical flying cycle. [succesfully]. I want to go full scale and attempt to fly with largest heli tip jets kit from vortech. I know nothing about the reliabity of these jets though the stated weight and thrust is exactly what I need for this project. No other aircraft design even comes close to what I am about to attempt but I am very confident In the design in terms of potential flyability and stability . Are these engines reliable enough for vtol flight w parachute safetly back up ? Or are they scary and a total waste of money and time? someone who is a heli pilot please reply if youve seen one in action or a personal expeience with them note: I need to sycronize 3 g 120s thrust { throtle} for balanced take off. thankx steve m
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Ewan at Jan, 21 '10 10:08
Good day,
Very interested in flying and building my own "toy", but are you aware of any plans tht can be purchased for a co=axial helicopter like the Kamov Rotorfly?

Thank you
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mad at Jan, 27 '10 05:06
cant i use engine yamaha 125z= 180km per hour for main rotor engine honda = 120km per hour for tail rotor......cant or not for use?...... please......
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Antohny at Mar, 31 '10 11:43
Hi , I have decided toi build a G1 . I read some where that there not real.
CAN ANY ONE CONFIRM THAT? What kit other than the G1 would some one recomend
Also Im a machinist & mechanic hobbyist . I operate a lather and a mill in my basement. Im only 28 but i would call my self a pretty knowledgeable person.
What would one of you rate the level of difficulty on a kit made from scratch 1-10 10 being the most difficult and 1 the easiest .
My emails
If any one can give me a hand and point me in the right direction that would be great.
Thank You ,
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paul at Feb, 26 '12 20:34
Hey a website for ultralight plans and information is the site
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Gustavo at Dec, 17 '15 15:43
Billet visiblement bien suctrutre9, il est pas commun a notre epoque de voir des bloggers capables de construire aussi bien un billet sur leur site. Fe9licitation a toi.
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