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Seven Good Books and DVDs About Ultralight Aviation

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1. A Professional Approach to Ultralights

This book written by Carol Carpenter and Brian Carpenter contains a practical guide about buying your ultralight airplane, maintenance and support. There are ten well illustrated chapters covering everything you need to know about this process in about 250 pages.

The material in the book is based on more than 25 years of the author's experience in ultralight flying.

The book will help you to save time, money and frustration. There is no hype or empty talk - just straight tips and answers of the questions that you might want to ask.

Unfortunately there are many grammar errors which could be really boring, but I guess I'd prefer that instead of a book with perfect grammar and no useful information.

2. Microlighting: Affordable Aviation

This book by Chris Finnigan is well written and a nice read. However it does not really answer all the money related question as you would assume from the sub-title. It's accent is mostly on the technical aspects of microlighting and the pro's and con's of the two basic styles of aircraft.

Finnigan is an active pilot and shows good knowledge, but the book is more appropriate to beginners in microlighting rather than the experienced pilots.

3. Simplified Aircraft Design for Homebuilders

Probably the best book about home built airplane fans. The 143 pages written by Dr. Daniel P Raymer contain step by step and easy to follow guide to create your homebuilt aircraft.

The information is from first hand and brings a lot of inspiration and new ideas. The author gives you all the basics of how the airplanes work and this is done with a sense of humor and easy language. It's hard to say anything negative about Dr. Raymer's work.

4. Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach

Yet another book by Dr. Daniel P Raymer, this time much bigger - 838 pages - and containing a lot more details. The book is used in many universities around the globe and is a favorite choice of practicing design engineers.

The book covers the entire aircraft design process and defines clearly all its principles. The approach is practical and supported with statistical and history data.

The only disadvantage I can think about is the price. But this book is not for beginners anyway. You should buy it only if you have serious plans to learn aircraft design.

5. Paragliding - A Pilot's Training Manual

This is a true bestseller (book and DVD inside) simply loved by everyone who is interested in paragliding. There is a wealth of information not only for beginners, but also for experienced pilots. It's the most up-to-date paragliding guide you will find.

The DVD clearly demonstrates the concepts discussed in the book and can be used as a great teaching tool.

If you are a complete beginner, you'd better first read a simpler guide about the paragliders.

6. Be A Sport Pilot, Learn to Fly a Fixed Wing Light-Sport Aircraft

This is a 75 minutes DVD which will show you how to get a sport pilot sertificate for a fixed wing aircraft. The creator of this video - Paul Hamilton - has been flying for more than 30 years.

Program Outline:

First Flights, Fundamental Maneuvers: Ground Operations, Straight-and-Level, Turns, Slow Flight, Climb/Descent
Student to Solo, Practical Maneuvers: Steep Turns, Stalls, Spins, Ground Reference Maneuvers, Takeoffs and Landings, Communications, Collision Avoidance, Emergencies
Solo to Pilot, Further Study: Responsibilities, Checklists, Aircraft Performance, Weather, Navigation, Maps, Airspace

7. Flight Deck 3

This is one of the most loved flight simulators available on the Web. The company producer - Abacus - has completely revised the previous version and prepared this new carrier-based aircraft software.

I've seen some criticism about the realism of the flight and the carrier landing system from many users. But even the critics confess that Flight Deck 3 is a great fun and the best product of this class on the market.

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