Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

Should You Attend An Aircraft School?

Your life and your safety are the most important things you have to consider when flying. No wonder that safety is a major concern for many beginner pilots, but it's a pity that a lot of them don't even try flying because of fear of accidents.Flying School Wall

Ultralight flying is not unsafe. The inexperienced pilots are. More than the half of the ultralight aircraft incidents happen because of human mistakes and not because of technical issues.

You do need to take care about your pilot's education

The requirements in many countries will allow you to fly your airplane without being prepared enough. It's only you who can force yourself to take more flying hours.

One of the best approaches to getting better pilot's training is to attend an aircraft school. You do not definitively need to do it. But it is a very good idea - if you can afford the expenses. Professional flight training is not only very useful for improving your skills and safety, but it's also a way to experience what the microlight and ultralight flying is even before buying your first aircraft.

What should you expect and require from your aircraft school?

  1. Some aircraft theory. Maybe you think you don't need it. Better reconsider, you do. And you may happen to like it - many pilots say it's fun
  2. Learning to fly. Of course, this is why you are there at first place.
  3. Aviation methodology.
  4. Flight planning and navigation.
  5. Radiocommunication. All aircraft are required to have radiocommunication equipment and you need to know how to use it.
  6. Emergency. What to do in case of troubles.
  7. Builders education. Not all aircrafts schools will offer you this, but if they do, consider it a great offer. It's be great knowledge to have, especially if you plan buying an ultralight airplane kit and building your airplane from it.

The pricing

Pricing is a very flexible matter. The various aircraft schools offer a very different range of services and prices. In general you can expect to pay between $50 and $150 for introductory flight. Then consider about $125 per hour training. You will need at least 10 guided hours and 3-4 hours supervised solo flight.

Some schools will have package deals and teach you fly in just 15-20 hours for total $2,000. This seems a bargain if they can offer you some theoretical education too.

In most countries to become a certified pilot you will need to pass a Pilot Written Test. Check if your aircraft school offers education for this.

If you are from the USA check out this list of US ultralight aviation schools for more ideas and information.

Aircraft School Alternatives

Of course, you may just ask a friend pilot to help in your education. If you don't have a friend pilot, why don't you try to join some aviation club? See for example some clubs in Australia.

Many of the clubs have their own aircraft schools and offer discounted services for members. Some have various joint effort initiatives which can significantly reduce the costs of training.

A good way to start with ultralight aviation (except reading this site) is to subscribe to some of the best aviation magazines.

Ultralight Flying covers all aspects of ultralight and light-sport aircraft, and a wide variety of other air sports, including powered parachutes and paragliding. Each issue feature exclusive pilot reports, maintenance and flying tips, new products and special features. January issue features yearly buyer's guide.

Today's Pilot, although not focused only on ultralight aviation, is maybe the best magazine about flying. It will regularly offer you tutorials on flying and information about getting flying education.

Check also the Official FAA Pilot License Training Kits.

Whatever you choose to do, you must take care and get well educated and trained before you start flying on your own. Flying is safe if you can fly well. If you spend more time learning, you'll be able to fully enjoy flying your ultralight aircraft.

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mr.alvin yeshil at Nov, 19 '07 22:59
dear friends,
i m very beginner about microlights, ultralights.
i want to get my own machine, want to fly. hope i can success soon.
waiting your supports.
best regards,
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Bob at Nov, 27 '07 19:38
Wish you success, mr. Alvin! Please keep us posted
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Pravin at Dec, 17 '15 16:03
Ya learn soetnhimg new everyday. It's true I guess!
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