Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

Thrity Thousand Feet - A Complete Respource About Aviation

If you want to know more about the aspects of the aviation which are outside of the ultralight topics, you probably would be happy to discover sites like ours on different topics. Thirty Thousand Feet is not similar to by any means but it may help you discover many similar resources. And a lot more than that.

Thrity Thousand Feet is a complete directory and portal about aviation. It's one of the best aviation sites I have ever seen so I wanted to share it with you. In this short review you will see how to use Thrity Thousand Feet for finding the best aviation information on the Web.

The main page contains an Aviation Directory. You can browse the categories and discover thousands of useful and carefully selected links sorted by topic. If you own an ultralight or other kind of aviation related site, you can suggest it for addition to the directory.

By clicking the Aviation News tab at the top you will discover a selection of sites providing fresh news.

There is also a Blog written by the site owner "Max Flight" where you can find news and comments on what's going on in the sky. The author does not post very frequently, but quality is more important than quantity.

Max Flight also writes in another blog accessible from Thrity Thousand Feet main menu - a Travel Security Blog. He's following close the security related events and issues in the general aviation.

Thrity Thousand Feet accordingly to its authors own words is created by just an enthusiast. Pretty professional work for enthusiast I would say. It's a must-bookmark site if you are interested in aviation - and I guess you are, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

Thirty Thousand Feet - Aviation Directory

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