Introduction to Ultralight Aviation

Where To Find Ultralight Aircraft Plans

Many aviators come to this site searching for ultralight aircraft plans, helicopter plans and free ultralight plans. We don't create or sell plans ourselves, but I have done a lot of research for you to help you find the plans you are looking for.

If you are an engineer or a company which creates ultralight aircraft plans and want to sell them on this site contact us to discuss this opportunity.

If you want to build ultralight airplanes yourself, you'll need to buy such plans.

Ultralight Aircraft Plans

When searching the Web for ultralight airplane plans you'll unfortunately find a lot of outdated websites or sites with questionable quality. Fortunately there are several reputable companies and web stores where you can find paper plans or plans for instant download:

The Homebuilt Homepage has a long list of vendors of ultralight airplanes. Unfortunately the site doesn't sell plans directly, but their alphabetical list is big and contains the websites of the vendors where you can inquiry about plans. Some of the companies sell only ultralight kits however.

Ultralight Aircraft Build By Plans
Photo by vnvlain at Flickr

eBay is probably the next place you should visit. You are unlikely to land there after searching for plans in Google, so just go there and use eBay's own search. When I visited today there were 3-4 auctions available offering ultralight plans at very affordable prices.

The plans for the famous Affordaplane can be bought directly from its website for $25.

Another place to look are the aircraft classifieds directories. You can find some of the best ones in our resource center.

In general it seems to be best if you first decide what ultralight airplane you want to build and then to search the Web, eBay and the classified sites for "model name + plans".

Helicopter Plans

If finding good plans for airplanes is hard, then to find ultralight helicopter plans is pathetic. There is no general store where you can go and pick between many models. Instead you'll have to visit many sites each of them offering plans for one model only.

One interesting ultralight helicopter can be found at Plans Delivery, another popular one is the G-1 Homebuilt Helicopter and there are maybe just a few more.

I can recommend you reading our article how to obtain ultralight helicopter kits and plans if you really want to find helicopter plans.

Free Ultralight Plans

I would not build an ultralight aircraft with free plans. Building your homebuilt experimental airplane is a big and serious project - don't try to do it with free plans. Just my 2 cents. Such plans (if you have the luck to find any at all!) can be of low quality or pretty vague. Working with them can cost you a lot more time and money than you would save.

I searched badly anyway so I could offer you at least 2-3 good free ultralight plans, but unfortunately most links were gone. You see, even searching for free plans online is a waste of time that could nuke the saving effect of not paying for the plans.

Finally, when you choose ultralight aircraft plans to buy, always do a quick research for the model and the company name. Usually you will find first-hand experience of people who have used the plans which can be very useful for your final decision.

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Ramakrishna V Rajan at Jun, 22 '08 09:13
Planning to make our own ultralite with locally available materials and engines,This ia a big ask,especially since we dont have the resources to import any thing.Our aim is to popularise flying and this can be achieved only if we can make it affordable.We have successfully made mini bikes and go karts at very low costs.We would request you to send us free plans of micro lites so that we can study the plans and come up with our own design.
Thanks for giving us an opportunity to interact with yourselves,
With best regards,
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sudheesh at Dec, 28 '08 12:53
dear sir
am sudheesh. am a student of 2nd year science in manglore{karnataka} . am intrested in gyrocopters since i seen in tv prgram about gyro when am in 10th. i want to build a gyro copter please help me sir ... give me the plans abot it and i also want to use localy avilable materiyal for it.
thank you
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Bob at Dec, 29 '08 17:47
Hi Sudhi,

Please check this article for more information:
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Flyboy at Jul, 15 '09 22:08
Hubpages has a new hub called "Copyright Free Aircraft Plans" Which is a series of Yahoo groups (called CFAIR) Where you can download practically all of the worlds copyright free plans.


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Scot at Jan, 12 '10 19:42
The plans on the Hubpages site are mostly either abandoned by their creators or granted to the public domain by them. Some of them are pretty well-known and developed plans, and continue to be updated and supported by active user groups to keep them safe and current. If one were to build from a "free" plan, I would go that route, and choose one where there is at least a lot of community support. I recently joined a group on the Ragwing Stork, and looking at the questions and answers submitted, even smart and experienced builders with a currently produced set of plans need a lot of clarification on things while building.

Now, can anyone answer this? I have been looking for a set of plans for the Carlson Sparrow Ultralight. Carlson is now owned by Sky-Tek, and they only have two current planes. After watching some videos of the part 103 ultralight version of the Sparrow flying, I would love to build one, but darned if I can find plans anywhere.

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Alexandru at Dec, 17 '15 15:31
ja zhdu etot reliz 2 GODA! wArIor999 oni ego neskoljko raz obaihsli i kazhdij raz oshiblisj i shas esho raz ????????? Eto uzhe budet naglo
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