Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

Agricultural Airplanes: A Practical Side of Ultralight Aviation

We usually talk about using aircraft for recreation here. And sometimes about using them for reaching from point A to point B. Now, let's get entirely into the practical purposes. The airplanes are expensive vehicles so can't we extract some more value from them other than having fun? More often than not, we can.

Most light aircraft can be used, or converted for use in agriculture.

Agricultural Airplanes - What Are They And How Can We Use Them?

In fact the mass-use of aircraft for recreation has started later than their agricultural use. Crop dusting with agricultural airplanes in the USA has started yet from the 20 years of the past century. (source: Wikipedia)

Despegando (Weatherly 620 B)

The typical agriculture aircraft are fixed-wing airplanes built or adopted for agricultural use. They are small, light and robust airplanes usually with spraying systems in their wings. Larger airplanes are popular in Australia and New Zealand

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Thank you Panther Team, What a difference the roll bar GoPro mount has made! Thanks Rachel for ltneising to our suggestions. That camera angle gives the viewer a much more realistic perspective of what it actually looks and almost feels like when flying the Panther. I bet I wasn't the only one who was tilting their head and leaning in their desk chair when Dan was rolling the aircraft! Looks like you guys have a very sweet flying machine there. Do you anticipate flying the Panther at Airventure this summer in the Homebuilder Showcase? Clayton
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