Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

Aircraft Resource Center

This is a small collection of resources about ultralight airplanes. I have carefully selected most of these sites and am offering them to your attention. If you think you have or know an useful resource, please use the comment option to let us know.

- Site Reviews

- Aircraft Discussion

- Aircraft Classifieds

- Ultralight Aviation Magazines

- Aviation Jobs

- Books about ultralight airplanes and helicopters

- Aircraft Stores

- Web Directories

Site Reviews

Thrity Thousand Feet - A Complete Respource About Aviation

Aircraft Discussion

Google Ultralight Group
Light aircraft in general, all topics.

Aviation forum
Not very active, but still a good forum

Airliners Aviation Discussion Forum
This one is quite large and active

Aircraft Classifieds

Aviation Classifieds
Maybe the largest site with aviation classifieds

AOPA Online
A site with good search engine for classifieds

US Aviation - America's Aviation Headquarters
Classifieds and message board for USA pilots

Ultralight Aviation Magazines


Light Sport & Ultralight Flying
Covers all aspects of ultralight and light-sport aircraft, and a wide variety of other air sports, including powered parachutes and paragliding. Each issue feature exclusive pilot reports, maintenance and flying tips, new products and special features. January issue features yearly buyer's guide.

Todays Pilot
This is our personal favourite. Simply great UK style - reviews, lessons, news and inspiration

Aviation Jobs


Airline Career
A flight attendant career guide. Probably not exactly what you are looking for, but still it may help you to fly

Books about ultralight airplanes and helicopters

Ultralight Airmanship: How to Master the Air in an Ultralight (Ultralight Aviation Series)
"This book is for pilots beyond the beginner stage. Pick any subject and you'll frequently notice that there's a scarcity of valuable information beyond the student/introductory level, or else the information is too theoretical and analytical to be of much use." (Bruce Boatner, Reviewer)

Air Sports: The Complete Guide to Aviation Adventure
A new wave of flight-related sports has captured the imaginations of the adventurous among us -- taking thrill-seeking to ever higher heights. With McGraw-Hill's new Air Sports, you can soar right along with them.

The Encyclopedia of Aircraft: Over 3,000 Military and Civil Aircraft from the Wright Flyer to the Stealth Bomber
From the earliest single-engine biplanes to today’s wide-bodied airliners and superfighters, this comprehensively researched encyclopedia provides detailed information to satisfy the most devoted aviation buff. (Amazon Editorial Review)

Aircraft Stores

Recreational Mobility
Quite rich aviation store

Web Directories

Monarch Air - Monarch Air is a Dallas, Texas based Integrated Cessna Flight Center offering flight training, aircraft sales, maintenance and parts.

Aviation History

Aviation Links

Thirty Thousand Feet - Aviation Directory

PilotMix - ULM & LSA Aircraft Information

Automotive Link Directory -

AvCanada Topsites List

Landings Aviation Directory

Aviation Directory

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Jonny at Jul, 12 '07 23:10
Pse also link to
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Bob at Jul, 17 '07 14:18
Done, Jonny :) looks like a very nice resource
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DIEGO TORRES at Jul, 29 '08 07:21
A real advance ultralight the JA177 Evolution II, Open House in Colombia South America we so glad to give you our hospitality and thanks for to visit us.
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Alan Carr at Aug, 14 '13 20:10
Looks like you have a lot of resources here that are really useful! Would you consider adding to this list?
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Rick at Dec, 17 '15 16:02
That is awesome! I've been looikng for a blog that discussed aviation because I am thinking of becoming a private pilot and I am going to need to learn the abc's of maintaining my plane. I hope to read many more posts from you. Thanks!
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