Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

Aircraft School

Receiving good flight education is the key for your successful and safe ultralight flying. Selecting an aircraft school is complex process and the education costs a lot so spend enough time on this.

The articles on this page will help you not only choose a flying lessons provider, but also decide when to do it. You will also learn about the alternatives of attending an aircraft school.

Available articles:

Should You Attend An Aircraft School?

Your life and your safety are the most important things you have to consider when flying. No wonder that safety is a major concern for many beginner pilots, but it's a pity that a lot of them don't even try flying because of fear of accidents. Ultralight flying is not unsafe....
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How To Find Good Ultralight Flying Lessons For Helicopters And Airplanes

When it comes to the things that keep us from learning to fly you will see the ordinary suspects to show up. Not enough time, not enough money, inappropriate season, health issues... Most often the thing which really stops us is lack of information about what exactly to do. To operate...
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Pilot Licensing Explained Simply

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