Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

Electric Aircraft - What's Going On?

So, is flying from New York to Tokyo with electric airplane coming soon? Probably not in the next ten years, maybe more. But flying an electric ultralight aircraft seems more realistic. Here we'll see what's the current state of this affair and how soon you may fly your electric gyrocopter.

But first, why would you want that?

Advantages of Electric Ultralight Aircraft

If you have followed the development of electric cars, which are getting fairly popular, you already know most of the advantages:

  • Reduced motor complexity. Electric engines are simpler as there are no gears. There are less things to break inside.
  • No fuel. So there is nothing to explode in case of crash.
  • Lower operational costs because of the electricity vs. fuel price, and the lower maintenance.
  • Environment friendly. People always argue about this but the fact is that not all energy comes from coal plants. And the CPA of the electric motor is much better. So pollution is less.

So indeed, there are plenty of reasons to want an electric ultralight aircraft or helicopter.

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User comments:

Tom at Apr, 16 '12 02:18

Interesting article and topic.

One more "Advantage" and one more "Problem" to contribute to your lists.

Advantage: Noise Reduction. One of my favorite things to do is gain extra altitude, and then turn the incredibly noisy gas engine off for a few minutes of quiet flight. An electric motor cancels the need for that method, and would be much closer to what birds experience -- nearly silent flight -- and I think much more enjoyable.

Problem: Considering that weight is an even greater issue with electric planes, future design will likely move toward lighter materials and fewer components overall. That change will reduce weight, but it may also reduce structural integrity or durability.

Thanks for a nice website.

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Eke at Apr, 16 '12 08:10
For lighter power sources, there was this technology from MIT in the US. That could be a source of light weight and faster-charging power storage.

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Adil at Dec, 17 '15 15:46
Good that your are making a planeGood that you have a wesibte telling us about itGood that you show picturesIt would be good if the pictures had captions. Words with each picture.What is that thing in the picture ? You know. we don't till you tell us.With best wishesChris
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