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Greater Fort Wayne Aviation Museum

And here we are, starting another interesting topic in the magazine: Aviation museums! You will find short reviews of aviation museums from all over the world with information how to get there, what can you see, and so on. Have you visited an interesting aviation museum recently? Tell us about it in the comments!

Name: Greater Fort Wayne Aviation Museum

Location & How to get there: Indiana, USA. The museum is located at the Fort Wayne International Airport - full address and maps here.

Obviously first you need to get to the city of Fort Wayne. If flying you can get directly to the airport with direct flights from Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, and Detroit. If you are not US citizen you will need a visa.

If coming from USA by road, Fort Wayne is located in Indiana, 30 minutes from Ohio and 70 minutes from Michigan.

To learn more about travelling to the city itself, check out this guide.

What to see

The museum shows exponates from commercial, military, and general aviation. The admission to the museum is free if you have an airplane ticket. Otherwise, or if you need a tour it has to be scheduled one week in advance. More information here.

This museum is small but worth visiting.


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