Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

Microlight Airplane

The microlighting is a version of the ultralight aviation which generally is considered even lighter.

There are different opinions and definitions where is the border between the ultralight and the microlight airplanes, but this is not as important.

What really matters for you is that the microlight aircrafts are giving you in general easier and cheaper way to fly. Here you will find information about all kind of weird and cool planes - experimental and home built, powered paragliders, delta planes and more. The microlight aviation is a really exciting venture!

Available articles:

Touch The Sky With An Affordable Microlight Airplane

Almost everyone has seen and flied by a light airplane or a helicopter. These aircraft are cool and fast - but when you fly you are enclosed in the cabin and can't feel the air. And sadly, if you want to own such airplane you need really a lot of...
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How To Fly Easier With Flex Wing Ultralight Aircrafts (Ultralight Trikes)

When I first learned about the microlight airplanes, I was very excited. The idea to buy my own aircraft for less than $10,000 was really very tempting. But then I started thinking about the related expenses - hangar, airport taxes, support of the plane, license costs... And the things were...
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