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Here you will find some articles that are related to ultralight flying and ultralight aviation, but don't fit into any of the existing categories.

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Personal Hovercraft - Swim, Drive And Fly Over The Ground

What I am going to introduce to you now is not exactly an aircraft. It won't let you soar above the mountains. Hovercrafts are not airplanes. But still many ultralight aviation fans are interested in having their personal hovercraft. There are few reasons for that: The enjoyment of...
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Gyrocopters - What Are They And Can You Have One?

The gyrocopters (known also as gyroplanes or autogyros) are quite an unusual kind of aircraft. They look similar to helicopters but by the construction and the way of flying they are more similar to the airplanes. This Wikipedia article explains shortly the difference between autogyro and helicopter: "While a helicopter's rotor...
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Here Is an Unique Aircraft - The Ground Effect Vehicle

To be honest I learned about ground effect vehicles from our reader who posted a comment in the article about personal hovercraft. Up to this point I thought hovercrafts were the strangest kind of aircraft out there. Well, here are very similar and maybe even more interesting developments. So, What...
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Homemade Hovercraft - You Can Have One Too

There is a lot of information online about homemade hovercraft, tutorials how you can make one and a lot of videos. Unfortunately it's quite unorganized and overloading and if you want to learn how to make a hovercraft yourself you'll have some hard time managing through all of it. In...
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The Best Gyrocopter Resources Page, Period!

There is a huge interest in autogyros by people who have visited this site recently. I have written one article introducing the gyrocopter already but that's far from enough to satisfy the curious minds. Trying to find well structured information about this wonderful aircraft using the available search engines can...
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9 Amazing, Cute, Or Just Crazy Personal Helicopters and Rotorcraft

I don't know about you, but getting stuck in the traffic pulls my nerves. And this doesn't happen often to me: I don't want even to think about people who have to deal with it every day. Well, here are several amazing transportation devices that can solve this problem. Technically...
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Cloudhoppers: Hot Air Ballooning For The Rest Of Us

The regulations, license fees, hangaring and so on sometimes just come too much for the aviation enthusiast. Owning an ultralight airctaft or an experimental homebuilt is affordable compared to the middle class light sport airplanes but there are still a lot of hurdles to go through. Some people just want...
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The Ultimate Guide To Ultralight Flying

This is a resource list containing articles, websites and guides that can help you in the not-so-easy journey to flying your own ultralight aircraft. There is already plenty of info on our website, but it's never possible to cover everything and it makes no sense to just repeat information seen...
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Agricultural Airplanes: A Practical Side of Ultralight Aviation

We usually talk about using aircraft for recreation here. And sometimes about using them for reaching from point A to point B. Now, let's get entirely into the practical purposes. The airplanes are expensive vehicles so can't we extract some more value from them other than having fun? More often...
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Pilot Shopping - What Does the Ultralight Pilot Need?

We talk so much about airplanes here. But if you are a pilot, the airplane isn't the only thing you need to think about. Flying an ultralight often involves equipment, tools and clothing. Choosing it is part of the fun. Let's see what you may need. Oh yes, and if...
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Jump on Safari or Tour With a Light Helicopter

Helicopters have many uses - some important and life-saving, some entirely for fun. Let's have some fun this time. What about going on a safari? It's a common thing to do and there is even a category of safari helicopters. %ADSENSE% What Helicopters Are Used In Safaris There is a Canadian company producing...
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What Are Drones And Will They Change Ultralight Aviation?

Drones aren't a new thing. Unmanned aerial vehicles have been known for many years and used in military operations. But the drones we are going to talk about here are mostly the smaller civilian aircraft that started gaining attention in the last couple of years. The kind of drones that...
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8 Wonderful Aviatior Helmets

Need a new helmet? Or just want to get some ideas about fashionable ones :) Either way, we have collected several interesting photos of pilot helmets with some info about them. Enjoy! This is the Americal aviator Charles Lindbergh wearing helmet in open aircraft cockpit. This type of soft helmets with...
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