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Paragliding, Hang Gliding and Skydiving X-wise


Putting paragliding, hang gliding and skydiving in comparison needs some research to avoid biased information. I have been into many websites, publications and programs comparing the three in a way that usually gives more credit to the one they are selling its products!

Trying to be as wise as I could, I decided to take many points into consideration. Here is how I see the three sports x-wise:


Clock ClipartSkydiving is not a solo sport; you will always be accompanied by someone or a group of people (at least the pilot and the trainer!). So basically you will not need much time in learning how to do it yourself, just throw yourself from the plane, do not acrobatically fly much far from it and pull the rope at the right time!

Whereas when it comes to paragliding and hang gliding, you have to take some time to learn your own skill and subsequently earn your license. Also you need to follow the wind direction and intensity which could be an obstacle sometimes.


Cashier ClipartCost varies depending on the frequency of practicing the sport. For instance, if you go for regular practice, then paragliding is the cheapest option for you and then hang gliding then skydiving. In paragliding and skydiving, you will only purchase the equipment and pay for the training once. But in case of skydiving, you will always have to pay a fee for the plane ride plus or minus the parachute.


Ambulance ClipartAlthough I personally believe that accidents happen to everyone everywhere all the time, yet some people think that checking the mortality rate of the players of a certain sport might help determining how safe it is. The problem is, most of these results (or at least what I ran into on the internet) are usually biased or give the false impression.

Let me give you an example: if you compare how may people die among football players versus speedball players definitely the rates are higher in football, but does this mean that football is more dangerous than speedball?! Sure not, it is just that football is more popular and played by a larger number of people!

So I guess that as long as you are following the safety precautions and knowing the risks of whatever sport it should do it unless fate is hiding an unpleasant surprise for you!


Dance ClipartIndeed it is not easy to say something is easy! You just have to try it to decide whether or not it is doable by you. But away from practicing the sport itself, paragliding is considered the easiest of the three in packing! You can always stuff all your equipment in a backpack and climb a hill to launch. Hang gliding tools are larger and harder to carry and move around with, skydiving needs a plane which is not something that you can carry in a bag or in a truck!

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