Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes


Is paragliding a part of ultralight aviation? Some may argue but what matters is what you think. Many of the visitors on this site are looking for, interested in or already experienced in paragliding.

So, here we are adding a category of information and resources of this great sport. It's certainly the most affordable opportunity to experience real flying and going for it doesn't mean you will give up to flying an ultralight airplane. So while you are collecting money or building your aircraft or just waiting for your pilot's license, why don't you try paragliding?

Available articles:

Paragliding ABC

It is not parachuting, it is not parasailing, it is paragliding! Photo by Allie_Caulfield at FlickrAlthough being one of the most fun experiences that anyone could have, paragliding has many other 'air sports' competitors making it hard to remember which is which sometimes. Paragliding is considered as some sort of ultralight...
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How To Start Paragliding - These 3 Tips

The most interesting part of any hobby Remember when you were young and how you started having different hobbies? What was the most unique moment at all? I say, buying the tools and equipment! As a kid, I still remember the first book and the first stamp album I bought. Buying the...
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Choosing a Paragliding School

Your teacher, your interest's sail I believe that throughout our lives, teachers and coaches play a key role in defining our interests. I mean think about it, when you were 7 and you loved Math and hated English, was it because you as a 7-year-old student could differentiate between your capabilities...
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Paragliders for Sale - a Buyer's Guide

I hope that you run into this article just before you go shopping for your new paraglider! For being a relatively expensive sport, paragliding needs some good and handy tips to buy the gear you need. Noticed the "you need" part? This is the first thing that you have to...
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Paragliding, Hang Gliding and Skydiving X-wise

Introductory-wise Putting paragliding, hang gliding and skydiving in comparison needs some research to avoid biased information. I have been into many websites, publications and programs comparing the three in a way that usually gives more credit to the one they are selling its products! %ADSENSE% Trying to be as wise as I could,...
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