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Ultralight Flying in East Europe

While East Europe isn't the most popular destination among the ultralight flying fans, there are many reasons you may want to consider flying there. Flying training can be cheaper, maintenance, hangar fees and airport fees can be lower too. In many of the countries the nature is great and people are nice. And these countries are just off the touristic track so it's good idea to visit them and experience something different anyway.

Whether you live in East Europe or plan to visit it for flying, the information here will be useful for you. We have tried to find the most accurate resources about ultralight flying in the most important countries of this part of the world.

The aviation law and rules are very similar in most of these countries. In the cases when you can't find information specific for the country, the site of the European Microlight Federation will be able to answer most of your questions. Here is an excellent PDF guide that contains very detailed reference for each country.

Ultralight Flying in Bulgaria

I'm starting with Bulgaria, because being here, I know this country best. Paragliding is quite popular here but recreational powered ultralight aviation is still in its early stages. As the country is part of the EU most of the EU regulations are the same. You do need a license to fly real ultralight aircraft except powered paragliders - currently there are no real regulations about them.

Here is one of the reputable air-sport clubs in Bulgaria where you can inquiry about training costs and conditions.

If you are a foreigner you can check this site for general information about traveling to and living in Bulgaria too.

The weather in Bulgaria is best for flying from April to October. There is a lovely nature to see there.

Tecnam P-96-Golf Ultralight

In Romania

Regulation-wise ultralight flying in Romania is similar to Bulgaria. The country has larger territory but other than that the differences are minor.

I could not find any useful sites about ultralight flying in Romania except this forum (which is in Romanian). If you are a reader from Romania and have some information to share, please do so in the comment so we can help others.

In Serbia

Unlike Romania and Bulgaria, Serbia is not in the EU so there might be some differences in the aviation law. Again there is very little information about licensing and flying an ultralight aircraft there but this site may be useful. If you are interested in paragliding, there are a bunch of paragliding schools and clubs in Serbia however.

In Turkey

We have a lot of friends and visitors from Turkey and the country has some traditions in organizing paragliding events and festivals. The good weather in most parts of it and the lovely terrain make Turkey very attractive for flying.

See this good page explaining the flight regulations in Turkey. There are also few companies like Birdy Aviation which offer air safaris and other kind of recreational aviation services in case you are not looking to fly your own aircraft.

Here is a list of flying schools in Turkey (look under the sponsored results).

In Poland

Poland is also part of the EU so the regulations should not be much different than those in the rest of it.

In this country there are many flying clubs, some interesting ultralight aircraft are produced, and there is a good aviation portal (in Polish).

Here is also a nice video from the Microlight Championship in Leszno.

In Greece

Greece is a popular destination for flying because of the nice weather and the great views above the sea and the islands. Here are few videos you may like.

Here are some ultralight flying schools in Greece. The cost of the training there is close to the cost in the western EU countries. If you want to save money you'd better check the aviation training in the neighbor countries - Bulgaria and Turkey.

If you are flying an ultralight helicopter, you may be able to land in some of the islands in the Sea (check if it's allowed).

In Czech Republic

The Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic has a great and informative site with detailed guide on how to fly a microlight there.

Have in mind that Czech Republic is one of the more expensive countries in the Eastern Europe. However it is very friendly country and safe for flying. The weather is best between May and September.

In Russia

Russians have great traditions in aviation although ultralight flying is currently not that popular there. This does not stop guys like this fellow to do solo flights over Siberia. It should not stop you either.

It's a challenge to find any information about the regulations in Russia, but they should be similar to these in the EU, and if in doubt you can ask in any ultralight club (and there are a lot of them in Russia).

If you can read read Russian this page may answer most of your questions. The entire site is very useful and contains many interesting links. If you can't read it, there is always Google Translate.

In Croatia

Croatia is very beautiful, very safe and quite expensive EU country. Here is a page that lists some flying clubs offering various air sports including even gliding and ballooning.

For some official information you can check the site of the Croatian Aeronautical Federation.

In Hungary

Hungary is one of the most developed countries from East Europe. It's not different than the West Europe countries so if you are westerner you will feel comfortably there. The nature isn't that interesting however so the views from the ultralight will be less impressive than those in Turkey, Bulgaria or Croatia for example.

Here is a good collection of Hungarian ultralight trike pages.

In Ukraine

Ukraine is not an EU country. Crime levels are a bit higher than in most EU countries and the political situation might be a bit unstable at some times. Still, it's an European country and if you wish to fly there, you can do it quite safely.

Here is a site publishing ultralight aviation news from Ukraine.

Did I miss your country? This is not because I have forgotten it, but because we have not been able to find any good information about ultralight aviation in it. Perhaps you can help? Feel free to comment!

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