Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

Microlight Aircraft in the UK: Your First Steps

Microlight aviation is a popular method of recreation in the United Kingdom. They British value the freedom and air-accessibility that mircrolight aircraft offers them each flight.

Also called "ultralight aircraft" (which is a less popular name in the UK), a microlight aircraft has different specifications according to its type.

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Types of microlight aircraft

Microlight aircraft could be categorized according to:

  • The landing surface: some aircraft can only land on land (these are called landplanes) and others can land on both land and water (these are called amphibian or floatplanes).
  • The wing: there is a type called the flex wing (looks similar to a hang glider) and another type called the fixed wing or the 3-axis (looks similar to the usual airplane).

The law assigns a maximum weight for each type as a guideline.

Is it hard or expensive?

Not at all. You can start learning how to fly using a microlight aircraft at any age

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Hi PaulFirstly thank you for an excellent weisbte, I've happily lost a good few hours watching your videos and have picked up many many handy tips, I'm due 6 months in Malaysia next year so no doubt these tips will come in handy. (Your sleep system notes in particular as they make sense from my experiences in Sri lanka and as a plus allow me to reduce what I'm taking).I simply wondered where you got the straps for the side pockets as they're clearly not the PLCE yoke, can they be kept attatched when the side pockets are on the main sack, I understand this may mean not buckling a buckle or two.All the best Dan.
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