Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

Ultralight Helicopter

Why an ultralight helicopter? The helicopters are beautiful and unique, but very complex and expensive aircraft. It's usually said that the helicopters are only for the very rich, not only because of the high start price, but also because of the high support costs.

The ultralight helicopter is simplifier, lighter and cheaper than the ordinary one. These flying machines have all advantages of a helicopter and ultralight aircraft combined together.

On this page you will find not only information about the ultralight helicopters in general, but also a lot of useful advice how to build your own.

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Do You Want a Helicopter? Get an Ultralight!

You did not really think only the airplanes can be ultralight, did you? There are microlight and experimental helicopters, just like it is with the airplanes. %ADSENSE-SQUARE%The helicopters have many advantages over the airplanes, especially for personal use. You don't need an airport or a runway - the helicopter can land...
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Homebuilt Ultralight Helicopters

Many ultralight enthusiast build their airplanes on their own. They use kits or work "from scratch". The produced ultralight airplanes are known as Experimental/Homebuilt Aircraft. Although doing this requires a lot of work and passion, it does not require engineer skills or high level knowledge. These enthusiast are just people...
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How To Obtain Ultralight Helicopter Kits And Plans

Are you passionate about flying an ultralight helicopter? Do you dream to have a small heli sitting in your courtyard, waiting for you to come and raise it in the sky? As you can see in this article, there are many options to buy used or new ultralight helicopter. It's also...
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Building An Ultralight Helicopter - Start Action

This article is Part Two of a series about Building an Ultralight Helicopter. To read Part One click here. The idea to build an ultralight helicopter on your own is very challenging, but you should approach it judiciously. The reason is that this decision will cost you money and time (which...
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Building An Ultralight Helicopter - Preparation

This article is Part One of a series about Building an Ultralight Helicopter People have always dreamed to fly. After the ultralight aircraft appeared many of the aviation enthusiasts have the possibility to experience regularly the enjoyment of flying on an ultralight helicopter. If you have felt the fun to fly...
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Real Stories And Advice From Ultralight Helicopter Builders

This article is Part Three of a series about Building an Ultralight Helicopter. You may want to read Part One and Part Two first. If you are embarrassed and need to quicken your spirit, you need the positive story of someone who has already experienced the process of building his own...
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