Introduction to Ultralight Aviation

First Poll Results

OK folks, we decided we've got enough data from the poll "Have you already flown an ultralight aircraft?" for the moment. Here are the results of the 1,282 votes:

- For 991 people of 77% of the readers flying an ultralight is still just a dream.

- 121 or 9% have flown, but someone else was the pilot.

- 105 people or 8% of the readers have been the pilot in their ultralight flight

- 23 lucky souls or 1.8% fly often!

- 42 readers or 3.3% of the people who answered own their aircraft.

Thanks for all who voted on the poll! Expect soon more detailed and graphical information about ultralight enthusiasts in the whole world.

Meanwhile, we have a new poll that will run shorter on the homepage, so why don't you just go and vote now.

Thanks for being with us!

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