Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

Aviation Modeling

Do you want to fly tens or airplanes and helicopters? Too bad, even with the cheapest ultralights this is not affordable at least for most of us. But we like so many of them, it's hard to decide which one you want when the time for buying come.

One way to have a closer look at different kind of aircraft and to experience some of the enjoyment which the different planes can give you is through aviation modeling. Of course nothing can be compared to real flying, but modeling and flying models are excellent way to expand your knowledge about aircraft and aviation in general. Many aviation fans start collecting models as a first step on their way to flying, others do it after they have already flown on real ultralight aircraft.

Building model airplanes is a good training step to building real ultralights. No, don't expect to use the same tools or skills, neither that the same physics apply. But building models will train your patience and dexterity and will get you know better the main principles of aviation.

For the reasons about we created a sister site to this one which caters to Aviation Modeling. Visit it to find out a lot of articles and advice about model airplanes and helicopters.

If you know nothing about model aircraft read the introduction to model aviation to get a better idea about this hobby.

In the general model aircrafts category you will find articles about the types of model aircraft and further reading.

If you are interested in remote control airplanes, the RC aircraft articles will help you know how to choose, fly or build such models.

A great place for beginner builders are the paper airplanes, so we have an article for it too.

If you already have experience with model aircraft and have built some, let us know. We will be more than happy to write about it and show your model to the others if you wish.

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