Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

Ultralight Flying

How and where to fly? Is it safe or dangerous? Is it getting more expensive with the rising fuel prices? What are the rules of flying in my country?

Read the articles here and find the answers. I can't promise to cover each country and state, but will do my best to help you know more about the ultralight flying.

How To Fly An Ultralight Aircraft Even When You Do Not Own Any

On this site we have published some articles showing how affordable owning an ultralight airplane is. Indeed this depends on where you live - but in general you can own an ultralight airplane at the price of a decent car... Continue >>

What Factors Rule The Performance Of Ultralight Airplanes?

You have to ascertain that you have good flying conditions and your aircraft is in good operating condition before setting out on your flight. The performance of your ultralight aircraft is affected by multitude of environmental factors. Atmospheric Density One of the major factors that impact on performance is atmospheric density. Atmospheric... Continue >>

Ultralight Aircrafts - As Safe As The Birds?

Why are birds safe? Because they are physically engineered for flying safely and have evolved into a creatures who know just what to do and how to survive in an emergency. So, if you want to emulate the birds, you need to acquire an airworthy ultralight aircraft and... Continue >>

Ultralight Flying In USA

The sport ultralight flying in USA is probably as popular as sports like paragliding and sky diving. The low costs, the large choice of aircrafts and the great infrastructure have helped the ultralight aviation in USA to grow a lot in the last years. Additionally it is just very easy to... Continue >>

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Ultralight Aviation in Canada: A Quick Guide

No, flying cars are not out yet unfortunately! The CARs we're talking about are the Canadian Aviation Regulations, particularly those covering ultralight aviation which accounts for 19% of total civil aircraft in Canada... Continue >>

Microlight Aircraft in the UK: Your First Steps

Microlight aviation is a popular method of recreation in the United Kingdom. They British value the freedom and air-accessibility that mircrolight aircraft offers them each flight.
Also called "ultralight aircraft" (which is a less popular name in the UK), a microlight aircraft has different specifications according to its type... Continue >>

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Ultralight Flying in East Europe

While East Europe isn't the most popular destination among the ultralight flying fans, there are many reasons you may want to consider flying there. Flying training can be cheaper, maintenance, hangar fees and airport fees can be lower too. In many of the countries the nature is great and people are nice. And these countries are just off the touristic track so it's good idea to visit them and experience something different anyway... Continue >>

Ultralight Flying in New Zealand

New Zealand is a cool place, by many labeled as one of the best places for sightseeing in the world. And is there a better way to see beautiful nature other than flying? It's hard to believe so. So, here we are exploring the opportunities for ultralight flying in New Zealand for locals and foreigners. Continue...

Ultralight Flying in India

Some wouldn't expect to see article about India here. Aren't people there poor and too concerned for their problems to fly? Guess what - India is one of the pioneers in ultralight aircraft innovations. One of the best ideas in the recent years came from there. Don't underestimate a country with population of more than a billion and a lot of smart people and educated engineers. Continue...

Ultralight Flying in Thailand

Thailand is not just a popular tourist destination. It's also one of the most popular places for Americal and West-European expats. And not only - people from Asia and Australia also often visit or move to Thailand because of the good weather, food, friendly people and the affordable cost of living.

What has this all to do with aviation? A lot. Continue...

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This is a wonderful article on ultralite flying.
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