Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

Build Ultralight Airplane

One of the most exciting thing in the ultralight aviation is the fact you can build your airplane yourself. I know it sounds scary if you are a beginner. It scaried me as well.

But building your ultralight aircraft yourself does not require engineer knowledge (although it helps!), neither a big professional workshop.

There are many enthusiasts like you and me who build their aircrafts themselves with the help of construction plans or aircraft kits.

Read on, I'll show you how you can go ahead on this amazing, exciting and glorious route.

Building an Ultralight Aircraft: Get Yourself Prepared!

Are you ready or not so sure? Begin with understanding of what you want to do and how you want to go about it. Most people build the ultralight aircraft they have been already flying. It is something they are familiar with and have a fair understanding of the different... Continue >>

Building an Ultralight Aircraft: Using Construction Plans

The ultralight aircraft construction plans are designed to provide the newbie and the professional builder with everything he needs to build a small plane on his own. Each package would contain complete step by step instructions on the art of ultralight aircraft building and all the parts required to... Continue >>

Using The A10 D Aircraft Kit To Build Your Own Ultralight Airplane

If you have dreamed of flying your own aircraft but have shelved the thought for want of funds, it would be a good idea to revive your dreams and have a look at the variety of aircraft building kits that are available at nominal prices in the market. Maybe... Continue >>

The Glorious Aircraft Building Journey Of Alan and Dale Klapmeier

Every one of us has dreams. Very few have the persistence required to make them realities. Most of us give up if we are faced with problems or someone points out to us how divorced from reality our dreams are. The world would not have airplanes if the... Continue >>

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Ino at Sep, 26 '12 03:35
Daniel,We ordered the plans derictly from the designer, Bob Barrows. You send a check in the mail, and a little while later a big envelope with plans shows up in the mail. We have not started working on the fuselage yet. We will be building it from scratch, but it can also be bought from AviPro ( It is made from 4130 steel tubing welded, then covered in fabric. Both Brady and I are looking forward to the day when we start working on steel instead of Aluminum!
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générateur de contenu par intelligence artificielle at Jun, 07 '23 18:05
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ford focus a vendre at Jun, 09 '23 19:08
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