Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

Building an Ultralight Aircraft: Using Construction Plans

The ultralight aircraft construction plans are designed to provide the newbie and the professional builder with everything he needs to build a small plane on his own. Each package would contain complete step by step instructions on the art of ultralight aircraft building and all the parts required to execute the project from the scratch--Photos, CAD drawings, full size fittings drawings, a materials list, informative articles, the instruction manual. And of course the details of the parts of the plane you are going to assemble and the source from which you can purchase them. Some plan kits offer construction videos and have websites where the enthusiast can register and access their storehouse of information.

The Affordaplane Construction Plans

The Affordaplane is one of the most popular ultralights available in form of construction plans. Each plan sold by this company has a registered serial number. It contains around 49 CAD drawings of the aircraft and each part is laid out in a large legal size paper in three views. There are drawings which show the user how the parts of the plane fit together and what materials have been used to an advantage. Full size drawings which come with this package are very convenient as there is no scaling up operations to be performed before implementation.

The 60 page builders manual provides easy to read step by step instructions with a lot of

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User comments:

james at Dec, 16 '09 12:13
how can i get plans for the argo 02
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David Fine at Oct, 25 '10 16:40
I would love to purchase affordaplane plans. However, I live in Dublin, Ireland and have no credit card. However, I have a Laser debit card.
Can you help me?
Regards, David Fine.
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Cj at Jan, 03 '11 11:02
Years ago I had my Private Pilots Lic. and my A&P ticket. Now, much later on in life I find that I am again being pulled to the sky. Unfortunately due to health conditions I am no longer able to be licensed so I must look for an ultralight(FAA part 103). My weight however precludes this (238lbs). Are any of your designs capable of this pilot weight? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Gary at Jan, 08 '11 02:22
What a horrible page! Most of these aircraft are not even CLOSE to qualifying as ultralight.
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anonamouse at Feb, 04 '11 15:59
yes, most do,none exeed the speed or weght regulations and none are even close to a full sized air plane. Some air planes qualafie as ultralights to and even if you say no the law and the FAA have put laws in place that these are withein.
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GB at Feb, 05 '12 13:56
No most of them do NOT. Affordaplane claims 103 but weighs 350 pounds!
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Joshua at Dec, 15 '14 19:34
Hey, the plans are available for free as a PDF at "easy ultralight design dot com" (no spaces, no capitals, and replace the "dot" with a ".") After you get there, just scroll down the list until you find "Argo 02" then, click the link. On that page, you can find specs and pictures, and a free PDF file with plans is at the bottom. Can't wait to build this, looks like one of the best ultralight's I've ever seen. I'm glad you take an interest in this fine aircraft as well.
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