Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

Building an Ultralight Aircraft: Get Yourself Prepared!

Are you ready or not so sure? Begin with understanding of what you want to do and how you want to go about it. Most people build the ultralight aircraft they have been already flying. It is something they are familiar with and have a fair understanding of the different parts of the airplane.

Purchasing construction plans

Photo by hyper7pro from flickr
The first step in the preparation for aircraft building, therefore, will begin with purchasing or acquiring aircraft construction plans. The plans must contain complete details of all the different parts, materials, tools, drawings and instructions on how to build the aircraft. If the drawings are full size, you will be able to save time and avoid problems that arise from inaccurate scaling up operations. A complete list of materials and sources for the same will help you cut out the time and expense of scouting around for the different parts you need for your plane.

If the company that sells the construction plans will also sell you an aircraft kit, you have got a winner for yourself (unless you really want to build from the scratch). If the instructions are detailed as they should be, you will have no difficulty in assembling the different parts. So you need to focus on the different construction plans available in the market and pick the one that suits you best. You will have to set about acquiring the different parts you need for assembling your plane.

Read more about building an ultralight airplane with construction plans.

Using Partial Kits? Why not!

If you feel that you need some expertise before investing large sums of money in building your aircraft you could take advantage of using the partial trial kits offered by some companies. The partial trial kit will focus on parts of the plane. For instance, you could buy a tail kit and assemble it. If you decide not to build the plane you can put up the tail for sale, or else you can go ahead and order the rest of the kit. The trail kits also come with an offer of on-phone help. You can call up the company for help and guidance as you go along.

Once you are done with acquiring the basic components, you will need to focus on getting yourself the necessary tools. Some building kits come with the tools, but not all of them. You need very simple tools you use for everyday things. If you have purchased a kit it will contain a table top drill press, metal cutting band saw(or hacksaw), various hand files, a dremel belt sander, hand drill, prop rivet gun and a table to build things on. You will also need a one inch tubing bender 8

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im a 12 year old and im trying to build an ultralight can any one help me with ideas and plans & stuff like that, just send me an e-mail at
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I came across your website and I was glad somebody like you was there for people who wants some info to build their own one of those people andI wanted to build my Autogiro from scratch as I understand they are safe.I need to know where I can buy Rotors propellers and the avionics cheaply I dont mind used ones but in good shape.Please advise me as to where I can buy aviation alluminum tubing and sheet,do know if there is aviaton junkaround Massachusstes? thanksyou waiting to hear from soon.
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