Introduction to Ultralight Aviation

The Top 10 Combat Helicopters In The World

Combat helicopters have been used both in the battlefield and for civil purposes since the Second World War. Even though when helicopters were first developed, they were used more in the civil sense than in the military, it did not take long for the military to recognize the use of the helicopter in the battlefield. Here are the top 10 combat helicopters that were ever manufactured.

1. The AH-64 Apache

The Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne failed and the US Army required a helicopter that would give them excellent performance, survivability, sophisticated weaponry, targeting systems and so on to maximize battlefield effectiveness.
Hughes Helicopter came up with the AH-64 Apache, equipping this powerful rugged tandem two-seat aircraft with advanced avionics, powerful engines, armor protected key areas and firepower absorption upto 23-mm fire. The collapsible chain gun for survivability in a crash and energy absorbing landing gear along with night vision-enabled gunner

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