Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

Popular Ultralight Aircrafts

There are some ultralight airplanes which are so widely known that every aviation enthusiast have either heard, seen or flown on them. Certainly the ultralight and microlight model aircrafts are too many (especially if you add the homebuilt/experimental ones) and there is a chance at least one of them will fit exactly what you need.

However some of the aircraft are still preferred and loved by thousands of ultralight pilots all over the world. They combine affordability, beauty, stability, security and easy usage and have becomed the most popular ultralight airplanes in the world. If you have not choosen an exact model airplane yet, chances are you will like a lot some of them.

Here is a list of some of the best ones - they are not sorted in any specific way except our own preference :)

Challenger Ultralight Aircraft

Challenger Ultralight Aircraft (photo from This is my personal favourite: beautiful, cheap and easy to support. Challenger Ultralight can be bought new for $14,000 - $18,000 and second hand for $4,000 - $5,000. Challenger II Special can be sligthly more expensive than that. The plane qualifies for Sport Pilot License and reaches 55 - 95 mph cruise speed.

You can find Challenger Ultralight sold on many classified sites or discussion boards (check also in our resource center) or check for brand new models on Challenger Official Site.

Rans "Coyote"

Rans is a company which now produces more bikes than airplanes, but their "Coyote" remains one of the most loved microlight aircraft ever. Currently they offer S-6ES Coyote II at kit base price $16,800 which is a very cool and beautiful plane. S-6S Coyote II kit is slightly more expensive with basic price Base price $17,500

Photo from

On the official site of Rans you'll also find offers for used airplanes or demo planes for sale.

A ready used Rans Coyote can be bought from owners for about $30,000. If that is over your budget you can consider it's alternative Rans S-14 ultralight Aircraft which can be found for $10,000.

Pegasus GT450

It's one of the coolest ultralight trikes - we really needed to take a look at the trikes, didn't we? The Pegasus isn't so much popular, but I like it because of its nice design and good price. However it's definitely not a cheap flex wing airplane (because it's good) - I have seen it to be sold for $25,000. But don't get discouraged - there are other models like Q 462 which can be found for $7,000 - $8,000 second hand.

Kolb "Firestar"

This gorgeous airplane can be bought directly from Kolb Firestar site as a kit for several thousands dollars. It has unique design and often can be seen painted in sharp hot colours.

It's cruise speed is 60mph, 70mph max and needs 225 ft. to take off.

Photos from

At the ultralight aircraft classified sites it can be found ready built (second hand) for $10,000 - $13,000. It's really a very cute one and many people like it - so if you get it, you'll easy find other owners on the Net and get useful advice for anything you may need.


T-Bird (aka Tierra) is really a microlight aircraft and this is easy to see if you look at its very light construction. Regardles of that, it can handle 500lb useful load. It is very cute and small one and can be found at its suppliers - Indy Aircraft site.

As a used airplane I've seen it to be sold for $12,000 - $15,000 which is a great price/quality ratio.

Pulsar XP

Pulsar is modern and expensive ultralight airplane. It's sold as kit on its official site but you can find it ready built from owners, usually for more than $40,000.

It is a serious machine by any means - Its max speed is 160mph with 150mph cruise speed. The useful load is 500 - 550lb and you can fly 900 miles with full tank.

Pulsar XP is certified as Experimental, LSA or Ultralight in some European Countries.

I am sure there might be other very cool and popular ultralight aircrafts which we have missed in this short article. Do you know about some? What is your favourite one? Please, share with us (hint, use the "comment" link below).

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William Gill at May, 08 '07 23:35
I would like to see which ultralights are 103.
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Bob at May, 14 '07 13:13
Hey William, could you clarify, 103?
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John Zorns at Jul, 19 '07 16:06
I would like information on the Cavu, a part 103 powered ultralight by AeroDreams LLC. I'm having difficulty find a site or an address to make contact with the maker.
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looking for a trike for sale

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Very useful info, liked everything. Your website is very instrumental for any serious buyer.

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Dan Cleary at Apr, 21 '10 11:29
probably means part 103 of the FAR. It's the section dealing with flying ultralights without a pilots licence as long as they are slower than 55mph and don't carry more than 5 gallons of fuel, or something like that.

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