Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

Ultralight Seaplanes - Amphibians, Flying Boats and Floats

All these are different types or just names of an interesting category ultralight aircrafts - the Ultralight Seaplanes. Are you already asking what's so great about them?

Imagine what were you going to do if you had both a boat and an airplane. (Or maybe you already have them?) If you want to go fishing in an Idaho lake, but you are from Montana, you'll have to use either your plane or your boat. Well, in most cases getting your boat will be even impossible.

Why not go fishing with your favorite boat and plane together?

Ultralight Seaplanes - Easy Flying, Easy Sailing

In short, the ultralight seaplanes are airplanes which can land on and take off from water. Some of them can also be used on the ground, others can do it only in water. Here are the two main types of ultralight seaplanes:

  • Ultralight Amphibians - they can be used both on the ground (i.e. race) and in the lake. Usually they have slender pontoons mounted under the fuselage which help them to sail. They look almost like regular fixed wing airplanes. Often they are called Floatplanes

  • Flying Boats (or Floats) - Unlike the amphibians, these aircrafts use their fuselage as a floating hull. Often they are flex wing machines and in general are cheaper than the other seaplanes. Most often they can only land on and take off from water.

Ultralight Amphibian Seaplane Ultralight Flying Boat
Ultralight Amphibian Seaplane

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Flying Boat

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How much do the ultralight seaplanes cost?

The normal light seaplanes - which can be classified in LSA (light sport aircraft) category - can cost very high. I have seen offers at $75,000 and above. However ultralight amphibian aircrafts can be found for $8,000 - $15,000 (second hand or new). The new floatplanes and flying boats usually are sold for at least $20,000. In general the seaplanes are more expensive, but that's for a reason.

Although the ultralight seaplanes are so good and functional, their market is not so huge. Therefore you will not find too many classified ads for second hand aircrafts. You can eventually check our Aircraft Resource Center for some classifieds sites where to look for floatplanes.

Seaplane Kits And Plans

Like with any other ultralight airplanes or helicopters, you can find floatplanes offered as kits. For example check out this cool Aventura amphibious single place ultralight aircraft kit. If you visit this site for example you'll find other kits starting from $2,000 for the basic part.

If you don't understand very well what I am talking about, take a look at our Ultralight Aircraft Kit section for more information.

Many sites on the Web also offer plans for "do-it-yourself" fans. If you are enthusiastic and like to construct things yourself, you may like this option. Since the providers in this business change often, I can suggest you to use your favorite search engine. Try phrases like ultralight seaplane plans, ultralight floatplane plans or just ultralight float plans. As soon as we find some good ones to recommend, you'll find them on the site here.

Powered Parachute Float

Have you read this article and especially the section about the motorized paragliders? If so, you already know how extremely easy and simple the flying can be.

The engineers and enthusiasts have taken care to make the floats affordable like the other ultralights and microlights. The powered parachute float systems will cost you under $5,000. They are easy to launch and if you own one, you won't have big problems with the hangar. The wing fits in a large backpack, the rest can go into your garage and the boat can even be inflatable.

The world of the ultralight aviation is so amazing, you never know what else to expect. The seaplanes can help you enjoy flying and sailing at once. All you need to do is to choose the right one for you.

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