Introduction to Ultralight Aviation

Used Ultralight Trikes - The Shortest Way To Start Flying

You have probably read the article about used ultralight aircrafts and already know that you can save a lot of money and time buying an used airplane. Of course, doing that has its disadvantages too and you should know how to choose a good one.

Why trike and why used?

Cheap for sure is one of the main reasons. A brand new flex wing ultralight airplane can cost $10,000 - $25,000 or even more. An used one can be found for $5,000 - $6,000 or even less. Another advantage of the used aircraft is that a real person has flown on it and has eventually taken care well after it. Some used ultralight trikes may even have improvements made by their previous owners.

Another advantage of the used aircraft is that you can own a model which is good, but is not manufactured anymore (or not accessible as new in your country/area). Some good models have been stopped either because the company who produced them no longer exists or because it moved to developing other models. You can still find many of these aircrafts to be sold as second hand and you can buy one.

Why trike and not fixed wings airplane? I can suggest you reading How To Fly Easier With Flex Wing Ultralight Aircrafts (Ultralight Trikes) - you will find out some advantages and disadvantages of the ultralight trikes.

Safety of used trikes

Like with any used aircraft, you should be extra careful about the safety. Check the instructions in used ultralight aircrafts article for most of the issues you should look at.

In addition to what's said above, check out if all the needed equipment comes with the aircraft that's been sold. See also if they'll give it to you with a parashute or you'll have to buy one. Perform any other safety "common sense" checks - in general the airplane needs just to be hale.

Flying a trike you'd better have also a helmet, so take a look if such is included in the offer too.

Some popular ones

The ultralight trikes are probably the widest category of ultralight airplanes (in Europe often call them microlights, see our microlights section) and there are really thousands of models and experimental/homebuilt ones. Still, I know for few who are very popular and are easy to be found or sold as used aircrafts.

Do a search for example at Pegasus Aviation ultralight trike. Pegasus is one of the most popular trikes - very good and produced by UK company. If bought new, it's not cheap at all - I've seen ones to be sold for $20,000 - $30,000 and even more. Second hand offers are available from $5,000 and above.

Quantum is another cute flex wing ultralight aircraft which is easy to find. The sell offers usually start from $15,000 and go up.

If you are looking for another good two-seater, I can recommend you COSMOS, which can be found used at a base price of only $4,000.

Of course you can simply choose to search your favorite search engine and type flex wing ultralight for sale or ultralight trike for sale and you'll find classifieds mostly of used airplanes.

I am not giving direct link to classified sites (at least until we create our own section for that purpose), because they may not be there tomorrow or when you read this.

Although buying an used ultralight trike is probably the cheapest way to fly, it's still not free or trivial. Make sure you are not risking your life just to save money. Look for good deals, but better miss some offer which may look too much like a bargain. Don't try to save from parashutes and other equipment or from flight training. If you approach buying your second hand flex wing airplane seriously, chances are you will enjoy cheap and smooth flying.

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User comments:

larry wilson at Aug, 25 '08 20:40
Thanks for your website. I have two acres in Belize, and am saving a runway for an ultralight. Do I need a sport pilot license to fly a trike?

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Bob at Sep, 07 '08 00:26
I am not sure about Belize, Larry. The rules are quite relaxed there so it's possible that you even won't need it. But you will have to check at the local aviation agency if there is any.
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Nik at Dec, 17 '15 16:30
I am the one from Sweden that recently boghut one of Ed Roths remaining Cobra glass bodies from Capt. Phillips to build a clone of these trikes. In the seventies I saw a picture of one, in the Easyriders Magazine and the image has since then never left me. The above pictures of Allens trike has been a great inspiration in my project which I plan to finish this winter. Wolfgang, Saltsjf6-Boo, Sweden
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Joe Greblo at Jul, 16 '20 22:12
If anyone out there has an affinity for the original 32 hp., part 103 legal, Jet Wing trikes or need replacement parts, I have a large collection of NOS parts.

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