Introduction to Ultralight Aviation

This is a really simple converter that will help you turn speed from kmh (km per hour) to mph (miles per hour) and knots, from mph to kmh and knots, and from knots to kmh and mph. Simply fill one of the boxes below (presumingly the speed you know) and the other will automatically be populated. That's it!

Convert Aircraft Speed From Km/h to Mph and Knots

km/h = mph = knots

Use ySpeed To Convert Text On Your Site:

First, let me show you how ySpeed can figure out quite a lot of variations of typing and still fix and convert them. Just have a look at the text below:

This airplane has a cruise speed of 155 KNOTS. I want it to have at least 300 km/h instead. It would be so much better. I have even flown an aircraft that was able to cruise at 260 kn. Flying with over 300MP/H is great! I wish we could all fly that well. Not like those slow airplanes flying at only 100 kmh or so.

So, how to use this awesome stuff on your website? Easy!

1. Download ySpeed.js

Simply save the script from this link and upload it on your server. (Do NOT hotlink! We can't guarantee you it will stay on the same address)

2. Include the script and create object

Of course you need to first include the script on the page using the path you have uploaded it to. Then create an instance of the ySpeed object:

y = new ySpeed();

3. Get Your Text and Convert It

The following might be called on the body "onload" event or by a button click like in our example.

// "myTextContainer" is the ID of the div whose text you want to convert
var textToConvert = document.getElementById('myTextContainer'); 
// here below you are assigning the converted content back to the container
document.getElementById('myTextContainer').innerHTML = y.patseText(textToConvert);

That's it! Questions? Ask in the forum.